I am a storyteller, abolitionist, and public historian currently working in survivor advocacy and sexual violence prevention and response.

I’m interested in the stories that we tell about the past, and what those stories mean for us today: how can the narratives we tell undermine or perpetuate systemic oppression and inequality?


I have experience as a writer, editor, curator, educator, event manager, and communications coordinator. As an undergraduate student, I pursued coursework in environmental history, history of the medieval Mediterranean and Middle East, and intellectual history, with a minor in environmental studies. Later, I graduated with a Master of Arts in History and a Graduate Certificate in Public History from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. My fields of study included museum studies, public humanities, United States history, and global history.

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, creating and viewing art, and caring for my growing collection of plants. I am also hoping to develop a blog (or vlog) that explores the process of art-making as a disabled artist with limited hand mobility.

Recent Projects:

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