The Public Humanitarium

In June 2016, I participated in a collaborative endeavor to create a website for the Five Colleges, Inc., detailing pathways from undergraduate humanities education to professional careers in the public and applied humanities. The website—part of a larger, two-year project funded by the Five Colleges, Inc. and an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant—seeks to help students, faculty and staffContinue reading “The Public Humanitarium”

Reforming Gender and the Carceral State

A cage is a cage is a cage. We want strategies that let people out of cages, not ones that are for building nicer or better cages. —Annotation in the meeting notes of the Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC) on community alternatives to plans for the building of a $27 million “gender-responsive” women’s jail inContinue reading “Reforming Gender and the Carceral State”